Critical Book Review – Selling Fearlessly by Robert Terson

Imagine for just a moment being the King of the Jungle, the magnificent lion. Now replace the jungle with today’s crazy busy marketplace where you as the professional sales person must find new sales leads (hunt), establish mutually beneficial positive relationships and ultimately increase sales. If you are not fearful, maybe you should be?

Selling in today’s highly competitive and global market is truly not that much different than years gone by. Sure technology has changed some of the communications channel, yet the essence that separates the truly successful top sales performers from the not so successful ones is well detailed in Robert Terson’s book, Selling Fearlessly, where he shares a lifetime of personal stories. Bob talks from his heart and that is so rare to find in today’s business books.

Human beings remember those stories from their older family members because they have such emotion and instill such a compelling memory into our brains. The wisdom transferred through that act of story telling is incredible and cannot be replaced with some technical jargon.

Beyond the personal stories, Robert reawakens some long forgotten quotes from some old and probably even unknown journals and books. This quote is one of my favorites when asking the all too familiar question: “Are salespeople born or made?”

“While it is doubtless true that salesmen, like poets, are born, not made, it is also true that successful salesmen are those who, in most cases, have undergone a severe training in the school of hard knocks.” Farm Journal (October, 1913)

Many of today’s books on selling or sales are just a ploy to have you buy something else. This book is different because all Bob wants you to do is to consider sales from his years of practical success when it was just him and the customer.

To continue with a blow by blow review of each chapter, would not be fair to you the reader as each of us has a different perspective and I don’t want to take away any of the smiles, the nodding of the heads or Robert’s generous sharing. There is something magical when you hold that book into your hands even it is a Kindle.

So invest a few dollars and read a book that is really for the majority of salespeople in today’s small business market place. Who knows beyond your ability to increase sales by becoming a top sales performer, you may even develop Robert’s attitude of selling fearlessly?